Speed up construction. Ensure the highest quality. And help the planet while you’re at it.

Nexii products are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, reducing build times and construction costs. Our buildings are made with Nexiite and are incredibly durable, adaptable to most designs, and cost-efficient. They require a fraction of the materials and significantly less build time when compared to current construction methods.

Improve building efficiency

Our simpler on-site assembly requires less labor, less equipment, less time and materials, and produces near zero on-site waste. All openings, mechanical and electrical services, and their components are precisely located and built into each panel. This step considerably reduces the amount of on-site assembly time and the need to deliver and store parts on-site. Not only is the building process more efficient, but our panels form an airtight energy-efficient thermal envelope saving on heating and cooling operating costs.

Resilient and safe buildings

On the inside and outside, our buildings are built to last—they’re fire, earthquake, water, and mould resistant. Precision manufactured to meet the expectations and needs of our clients, Nexii is committed to bringing quality and reliability to every product. Our buildings are made to be durable, airtight, energy-efficient, and of the utmost quality.

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Starbucks Cafe

What if pioneering climate leadership could be good for the planet and your business?

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What if Quick-Serve didn't just apply to fast-food orders?

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Retail Bank

What if your business could start helping your customers faster?

Design With Nexii

It all starts here. From concept or a set of drawings, we work with you to see if Nexii is a good fit for your project. With Nexiite’s flexibility and a variety of standard and custom finishes, our buildings can be designed in almost any way imaginable. Whether your goals are to build quickly or to design more sustainably, we have solutions for every market.

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Build with Nexii

With over 200 testing validations completed, we have confidence that our product is something special. Our building process is lean and eliminates unnecessary waste including near-zero on-site construction waste. With abilities for integrated mechanical and electrical services within the panels, the building world will never be the same.

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High Performance Building Envelope
Smart and Climate Resilient Homes

Meet with our team

Our Client Experience team is here to help! We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients meet their project goals on-time and within budget.

Reserve your building

We use reservations to effectively capture high demands so clients can rest easy knowing their projects are being carefully looked after and not squeezed in.

Design integration

Our specialists convert drawings into Nexii buildings through panelization. MEP is then integrated by collaborating with project architects and engineers.

Building is precision manufactured

Manufactured off-site under our strict Quality Management System (QMS), each panel is precisely dimensioned and pre-finished to consistently high quality.

Rapid on-site assembly

The panels are flat packed and shipped to site, ready for assembly in almost any weather. Barcoded for quick assembly, the building will be up in no time.

Have a project in mind?

We can help you build faster, better, and more sustainably. Do you have a project that might be a good fit? Connect with us and we can take it from there.