Lower Carbon

  • Determined through third-party Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), versus conventional construction baseline such as steel stud and high performance tilt-up concrete and averaged across projects modelled to date. 
  • Preliminary third-party LCA modelling for a high rise building typology suggests Nexii’s ornamental panel design contains 63% less embodied carbon than the precast concrete equivalent.
  • Based on third-party LCA research, preliminary results (cradle-to-gate) show Nexiite ST has a possible range of 20-36% lower GWP than equivalent strength Canadian industry average Portland cement-based concrete. To be validated by independent critical review during our EPD process currently underway, as required by ISO standards.


  • Nexii envelopes typically provide a nominal R-value of R34 for a 10” thick panel, and effective R values in the high 20s, with ability to increase or decrease insulation depending on building typology and climate.

Water Savings

  • Preliminary third-party LCA modelling for an industrial / warehouse building typology suggests Nexii’s industrial panel design uses approximately 60% less freshwater in manufacturing than the high-performance concrete tilt-up envelope equivalent

Energy Savings

  • Operational energy and carbon savings compare Nexii design to an equivalent standard build meeting energy code compliant requirements. Projected savings vary depending on building typology, panel design, process energy loads and location.
  • Current estimates provided are based on energy modelling with third-party review and averaged across Nexii projects to-date. Energy use is often driven by the tools and equipment specific to the business in the building – known as process loads. With these loads included energy savings average 24%, without, energy savings average 32%.
  • Nexii’s whole building solution delivered with Integrated Technology Partners shows greater overall energy savings than the Nexii envelope alone.

Non-Toxic Buildings

  • Our R&D team evaluate every new material that goes into a Nexii panel against the International Living Future Institute (ILFI)’s Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List material Watch and Active lists. Nexiite itself contains zero Red List Materials.

Near Zero Waste

  • Nexii’s whole building solution reduces on-site construction waste to near zero through a combination of precision manufacturing, flat-pack transportation, and on-site assembly.

Healthier Indoor Environment

  • Upon construction completion, third-party blower door tests of Nexii buildings show air leakage rates 36-44% lower than building code baseline. Nexii’s design permits fewer and improved air sealing details.