2023 Profound Impacts Report

Nexii’s Profound Impacts Report focuses on clear and actionable goals to deliver the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments. It provides insights into Nexii’s best-in-class green metrics and certifications; diverse and empowered workforce initiatives; a culture of safety, ethics, and integrity; industry collaborations; and community engagement. Nexii shares progress and learnings over the past year to encourage industry and government leaders to embrace rigorous sustainability and join forces to scale up clean construction.

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Profound Positive Impacts

#3 Good Health and Wellbeing
#7 Affordable and Clean Energy
#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
#9 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
#11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
#12 Responsible Consumption and Production
#13 Climate Action
#15 Life on Land
#17 Partnerships for the Goals

Sustainability Commitments at a Glance

Climate: Innovative and industry leading carbon reduction

50% less embodied carbon in Nexii products* by 2025

  • Nexii walls have an average of ~33% less embodied carbon than conventional construction materials.
  • We are pursuing a suite of strategies to meet our target including: zero emission manufacturing plants, innovative materials, innovative panel design, integration with mass timber and design for reuse.
*vs 2021 conventional construction baseline, such as steel stud, high performance tilt-up, and insulated pre-cast concrete.

Net zero operational carbon achieved by Nexii buildings* by 2025

  • Nexii buildings use approximately 1/3 less energy overall and 1/2 the heating energy when compared with standard builds meeting code compliant requirements (excluding process loads)
  • We will grow and expand Nexii Integrated Technology Partnerships including Siemens, Honeywell, Trane and Pella towards delivering net zero carbon buildings
* Nexii ‘buildings’ means our standard whole building delivered with Integrated Technology Partners (excluding process loads)

Net zero carbon across our operations and value chain* by 2030

  • We are taking active measures to decarbonize existing manufacturing plants, through energy efficiency measures, electrification of equipment, and investment in renewable energy
  • Nexii has committed to the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard
*Value chain refers to the full range of activities required to create a Nexii product from start to finish. Nexii’s near-term science-based target (SBT) will include absolute reductions for Scopes 1 and 2, while our Scope 3 targets may include a hybrid of SBT methodologies.​

Sustainability Commitments at a Glance

Nature: Protect and support healthy ecosystems

Ensure no use of materials known to pose serious risks to human and ecosystem health

Our R&D team evaluates every new material that goes into a Nexii panel against the International Living Future Institute (ILFI)’s Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List material Watch and Active lists. Nexii's Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for our products are available on the HPD Public Repository as of March 2023.

Zero Waste certified manufacturing within 2 years of opening new plants

Nexii’s Squamish plant is TRUE Gold certified for zero waste as of March 2023. Advances in our Design for Reuse case study and related Office Reconstruction project validate the feasibility and positive impact of reusing building products - accelerating build times and dramatically reducing carbon and waste.

Restore equal amounts of habitat as the land footprint of our corporate projects by 2025

We are establishing our Habitat Conservation Program, along with the accompanying tracking system, partnership criteria and KPIs.

Sustainability Commitments at a Glance

People: Develop a diverse and empowered workforce with culture of safety, ethics, and integrity, and expect the same of our partners

Maintain a TRIR and LTIR of 50% below industry average; target 85% below industry average by 2025

Nexii’s performance for LTIR in 2021 was 1.7, 19% better than industry average. Our TRIR tracking process continues to stabilize, along with our workforce. As a team, we identify OH&S hazards, risks, and opportunities at our workplace and conduct periodic audits to find opportunities to continuously improve our Health and Safety program.

Develop a culture of ethics and integrity, and expect the same of our partners

Nexii’s Code of Ethics is integrated within our Employee Handbook and signed by all team members joining the company. Our Speak-Up Policy and Speak-Up Hotline are active as of Oct 2021, with quarterly communication to our Audit Committee. We have signed a UN Global Compact Commitment Letter and are developing a roadmap to implement the Ten Principles into Nexii's strategies, policies and procedures.

Create a diverse and empowered workforce, and provide equal pay for work of equal value across genders

In 2022, Nexii completed our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) audit, to help identify barriers and opportunities for establishing more equitable and inclusive practices across the company. We evaluated our pay equity baseline and closed identified pay gaps. We also ensured that 100% of our permanent staff are compensated at or above living wage. * Includes paid time off and heath/dental benefits

Increased sustainability engagement at all levels, and senior leadership compensation linked to ESG outcomes by 2025

All Nexii team members have access to our sustainability training modules through our Learning Management System and are encouraged to apply concepts to their roles. In all, over 160 employees have participated in our Sustainability learning offerings, with 80% of team members recommending our courses to others. Our Nexii Talent and Compensation Committee continues to evaluate formal mechanisms to link senior leadership compensation with ESG outcomes.

Sustainability Commitments at a Glance

Community: Partner with, develop and invest in our communities

Up to 40 paid volunteer hours/employee/year in Sustainability-aligned areas

Our volunteering working group (Nexii CARES) has been established and is building relationships with mission-aligned volunteer organizations and opportunities. Sharing with, and within our communities is one way we try to leave it better. Our life stories and experiences drive our love to support and care for people, community, and environment.

Develop green education & career pathways, and target >25% uptake by Underrepresented Communities by 2025

Nexii seeks to hire locally and establish sustainable building and construction pathway partnerships, with a focus on under-represented communities We deliver external content as a recognized educational provider with architectural institutes, engineering associations and environmental forums. *Underrepresented communities (URCs): groups whose representation has been historically low — Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, Multiracial, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+.

Green metrics

Read our green metrics report here.

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