The industry-first sustainable charging prototype, developed and co-patented by Siemens and Nexii, is designed for electrifying fleets and for high demand charging applications

Deploying EV infrastructure, the easy way

The VersiCharge XL is unique solution that helps scale up EV infrastructure to meet the fast-growing demand.

Modular and Scalable

Quickly and efficiently install and maintain this infrastructure using a modular approach

Aboveground, enclosed structure

All necessary electrical infrastructure components that power EV chargers are in the overhead busway

Rapid deployment of durable system

Durable low carbon structure that can easily be deployed in existing or new parking lots

Sustainable materials

VersiCharge XL is the first EV charging structure that is comprised of sustainable, low carbon building materials.

Benefits of a Scalable Solution

VersiCharge XL is ideal for customers seeking a cost-effective, scalable, quickly installable, and sustainable solution to build up their EV infrastructure anywhere from a small parking lot to a large fleet. The solution comprises of all essential infrastructure components that power EV chargers and can be deployed in existing or new parking lots. VersiCharge XL leverages Busway that is typically used in indoor industrial facilities and raises it above ground in a weather resistant, outdoor enclosure. This provides a reduced onsite construction waste, easy of maintenance accessibility, and upgrades. Proven technology and solutions for the EV market!

Sustainable Building Materials

Our EV charging infrastructure results in 45% less embodied carbon when disassembled for reuse*. Nexii Panels for this system are made from Nexiite — a sustainable alternative to conventional concrete, with no Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List materials. This composition facilitates a rapid curing process, attaining higher compression strength faster than concrete. Additional information can be found in our Green Metrics.

*Third-party LCA modelling for Nexii’s EV charging infrastructure suggest a 45% reduction in embodied carbon compared to conventional commercial charging station baseline factoring in on-site disassembly and reuse, and up to a 95% reduction if the Nexii system is moved to a new location for a second life.

A new era of sustainable charging

The industry-first sustainable charging solution enables quick installation at scale and easy expansion and maintenance to help meet growing demand for EV charging infrastructure.


Modular and Scalable

Modular and scalable – stack additional bays as you scale your infrastructure


Quick Installation

Easily install within days vs. weeks or even months


Cost Effective

Less trenching and civic works to minimize costs


Environmental Management

Made from lower carbon solutions designed to support cleaner air quality

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