Open letter

Canada’s Green Buildings Strategy needs a solid foundation

Canada’s green building sector is one of the best solutions to reduce carbon emissions, increase jobs, and grow the economy. In fact, supporting green building through proactive policies and investments could triple the number of jobs to almost 1.5 million, contribute $150 billion to Canada’s GDP, and result in a reduction of 53 MtCO2e of carbon compared with 2018 levels – all by 2030.

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Net zero

Considerations for Canadian Buy Clean and Zero Carbon Policy-Makers

Urgent recommendations based on lessons learned from Nexii's EPD process

Together with Mantle Developments, a Toronto-based embodied carbon consultancy, Nexii has outlined below 10 challenges and recommendations for the Canadian Buy Clean and Zero Carbon policy-makers to consider, with our top 4 recommendations listed below:

  • Select one government-approved program operator in Canada that defines Product Categories and Rules that every EPD must follow.
  • Create guidelines detailing the inclusion of onsite renewable energy generation, purchase of RECs, and/or renewable natural gas in EPDs, to accelerate industry decarbonization and reduce the reported product embodied carbon.
  • Mandate the inclusion of whole life carbon Stages C and D in EPDs to incentivize building product reuse and circularity.
  • Standardize baselines or comparison protocols for composite materials and products to better define a reduction from conventional construction.
We believe changes are required to improve and streamline the EPD process and enable better end-user decision making to accelerate the decarbonization of the building and construction sector.

Supporting B.C.’s green building economy

It's time for local governments to adopt the Zero Carbon Step Code

Nexii is proud to be one of over 30 industry members to call on BC municipalities to adopt the Zero Carbon Step Code at the highest level to ensure new homes and buildings are constructed to be net-zero, affordable and climate-safe.

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Nexii’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Commitments

Profound Impacts Report

Nexii’s Profound Impacts Report focuses on clear and actionable goals to deliver the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments. It provides insights into Nexii’s best-in-class green metrics and certifications; diverse and empowered workforce initiatives; a culture of safety, ethics, and integrity; industry collaborations; and community engagement. Nexii shares progress and learnings over the past year to encourage industry and government leaders to embrace rigorous sustainability and join forces to scale up clean construction.