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Sustainable Construction

Nexii products are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, reducing build times and construction costs. Our buildings are made with Nexiite and are incredibly durable, adaptable to most designs, and cost-efficient. They require a fraction of the materials and significantly less build time when compared to current construction methods.

Efficient building process

Our simpler on-site assembly requires less labor, less equipment, less time and materials, and produces near zero on-site waste. Not only is the building process more efficient, but our panels form an airtight energy-efficient thermal envelope saving on heating and cooling operating costs.

Nexii’s low-carbon approach to construction establishes a new, more rigorous standard for sustainable buildings, setting the stage for a brighter future.

Sustainable designs and finishes

We believe that good design is both timeless and sustainable.

With a wide variety of finish options that have no International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List materials,* we know that there’s a better way to design with the environment in mind.

Our low carbon processes are thought-out from the selection of materials used to product manufacturing to assembly; we make conscious actions that minimize our impact on the environment.


*at >/1000 ppm concentration

Speed up construction.
Ensure the highest quality.
And help the planet while you’re at it.

Our Work


What if your business could start helping your customers faster?

Our Work


What if Quick-Serve didn't just apply to fast-food orders?

Our Work

Office Reconstruction

From showroom to office in FOUR days including disassembly and reconstruction

Our Work

SARIT Showroom

A low-carbon building to showcase a micro-mobility solution.

Our Work

Restaurant for global food brand

Located in Abbotsford, this CRU restaurant will be assembled via a panel system instead of conventional building methods.

Our Work

Big Box Retailer

ESG goals are easy to meet when you build with Nexii.


Architectural Facades
High Performance Building Envelope
Smart and Climate Resilient Homes

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