Mixed-Use Complex with 4 Buildings

A new Vancouver Island complex features four sustainable Nexii buildings.

Project at a Glance

The City of Colwood needed to reduce the environmental footprint of a new industrial complex, and Nexii provided a solution.


Structural solution at scale

Over 24,000 sq. ft. of structural wall and roof panels adapted to accommodate higher building elevations.


Non-toxic materials

Constructed using building materials and technologies that are significantly more sustainable than those used in traditional construction


Near zero waste

Panels manufactured offsite and assembled onsite, reducing onsite waste for Nexii's scope of work to near zero

Carbon footprint

Nexii walls, on average, have ~31 less embodied carbon than conventional construction (1)

Nexii puts its stamp on a Vancouver Island complex with four sustainably-made buildings

Four new buildings will utilize Nexii’s green building technology within a new 20-acre industrial complex in Colwood, Vancouver Island, BC. The mixed-use complex will be home to four buildings, ranging from 4,000 sq. ft. to 7,000 sq. ft. in size, constructed using our sustainable commercial panels. These unique structural panels have been adapted to accommodate the complex’s building elevations which are higher than those of traditional commercial units. The buildings will be home to a warehouse, office space, commercial units, a car dealership, an industrial area, and home to Seaspan Victoria Shipyards.

ยน Carbon savings averaged between operational and embodied; energy savings exclude process loads.