Innovative Building Materials

Nexii product design and material selection is optimized for a range of factors, including sustainability, manufacturability, strength, safety, durability and resilience. We continue to explore innovative materials that can help drive our performance metrics while maintaining Nexii quality standards.

Three primary materials currently used in our panels are Nexiite, an insulating core and structural reinforcement

Innovative Building Material


Nexiite is our proprietary material, a sustainable alternative to conventional concrete, comprised of sand, high-quality aggregate and a binder, with no ILFI Red List materials. Nexiite’s composition facilitates a rapid curing process, attaining higher compression strength faster than concrete. Nexiite has up to 41% lower carbon emissions than GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete).* Further emissions reductions are due to the quantity of materials used and weight to transport. Assembled Nexii panels weigh 15-20% the weight of precast concrete equivalent products.


* Based on preliminary third-party LCA analysis, Nexiite has approximately 41% less carbon emissions during production than 45MPa adjusted Smooth-On premix Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) with polymer.

Innovative Building Material

Insulating Core & Structural Reinforcement

Insulation forms the core and creates thermal breaks in our panel system. We currently use expanded polystyrene II(EPS II) between Nexiite layers. Our goals are for a light, water-resistant core with low vapour permeance while providing efficient thermal protection. EPS bonds covalently with Nexiite during manufacturing, reducing the need for adhesives or sealants. It can also be recycled at many stages of its life cycle. We maximize recycled EPS content in our panels, and offcuts are either used to protect panels in transit or sent back to the supplier for reuse. Nexii is testing supplementary bio-based insulation materials as part of our commitment to drive down the embodied carbon of our products.

Structural reinforcement adds strength and integrity to Nexii panels, from structural members to connector hardware. Nexii is actively working with our suppliers to source the most sustainable steel products available. We prioritize steel manufactured using electric arc furnaces powered by renewable electricity, with a high recycled content. We are also pursuing low carbon alternatives such as mass timber for these structural elements.

Innovative solutions to tackle climate change

Integrated Technology Partners

Nexii forges alliances with world-leading brands who deliver breakthrough products and services. Combining Nexii’s building systems with industry-leading technologies, we can fast-track solutions that save time and money, reduce climate pollution and create smart, healthy buildings.

Our strategic alliances include:

  • Honeywell – integrating their advanced building controls and smart monitoring systems into Nexii’s new commercial retail buildings
  • Trane Technologies – enabling healthy indoor environmental quality systems and supplying low carbon HVAC equipment for Nexii buildings
  • Siemens – combining Nexii’s green building products with Siemens’ power distribution solutions and electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment
  • Pella – enhancing Nexii’s innovative commercial buildings with Pella’s high-performance windows
  • Rycom – Providing a holistic data aggregation for building system monitoring
  • Modern Niagara – developing modular MEP/Racking systems to simplify assembly and speed of build

Circular Economy Innovation

Design for Building Reuse

Designing and producing a building with potential layout changes and future uses in mind is the idea behind “Design for Reuse.” Architects and designers plan Nexii buildings with a view that they can be deconstructed and reused in whole or in part. Nexii manufactures products with very long lifespans so that they can be repurposed. This circular economy approach to building and construction plans waste out of the system, ensures efficient resource use, and continuously recirculates high-value materials.

Nexii’s building panels are designed and manufactured to be continuously reused, with assembly simply requiring craning the pieces onto a foundation and bolting them together. The typical life cycles of conventional buildings are much shorter than the potential lifecycle of the materials and the construction themselves. That leads to a lot of waste.

Nexii recently published a Design for Reuse Case Study that models true circularity in the built environment. The Nexii Reuse Case Study identifies several significant advantages of the Design for Reuse model, including waste and carbon reduction, avoidance of new material use, improved wellness of construction workers and employment generation. Read the case study here.

A new era of sustainable buildings

Our approach to building is revolutionary – our goal is to reinvent how the world builds. Compared to conventional construction methods, Nexii buildings reduce the overall cost, labor, assembly time, carbon emissions, and construction waste on-site.


Versatile and flexible

Suitable for most building types and can be used in multi-story buildings. Nexii buildings can be added to or reduced in size and shape as the function of a building changes over time.


Cost saving energy efficiency

Nexii panels form a highly energy efficient thermal envelope, with no thermal bridging. Energy efficient buildings also mean major savings on energy utility bills and operating costs.


Safer and healthier

We use non-toxic materials and don't use adhesives or Portland cement. Nexii panels naturally repel moisture and inhibit the growth of molds and the accumulation of allergens.


Disaster resilient

Made from highly durable materials, our buildings are extremely resilient in natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and floods.


Durable and lightweight assembly

Manufactured to design specs off-site and quickly assembled on-site. Nexii panels can be manufactured in large sizes and typically outperform height restrictions faced by other composite panels. See the Nexii Quality Policy at the link below.

Environmental Management

We maintain and continually advance high standards of environmental management systems in the manufacture of Insulated Core Panels for Buildings in line with our Environmental Policy.

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Product Evaluations

Nexii products are being developed in conjunction with recognized independent evaluation bodies.

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Commitment to research and development

We are committed to continually improving our materials, products and systems. Our R&D Lab is located in Squamish, BC, and provides space for creativity, prototyping and rigourous testing. We relentlessly pursue the leading edge of innovation and collaboration with innovators.

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