Tired of the same site challenges on every project?

Rising material prices, a shortage of skilled laborers, and challenging project delays are only a handful of the daily challenges facing project managers. We understand the roadblocks these issues create, so our solution faces these challenges head-on.

Rising and volatile material cost

Construction costs are affected by commodity price changes.

Lack of quality control

Construction is complex and the industry lacks skilled on-site labour.

Labor shortages and project delays

Building construction is complex and there is a lack of skilled on-site labour.

Challenging climates and locations

Unexpected and heavy weather conditions can delay construction.

Significant on-site waste

Garbage and waste add to project costs and negatively impacts the planet.

Improve speed to market with Nexii

Our products are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site by Nexii Certified Assemblers (NCAs). Optimized to reduce build times and construction costs, while maintaining high quality standards, faster construction improves speed to market.


Fixed pricing without the typical fluctuations in building costs

With Nexii, there are no surprise costs in material pricing as once your project is booked for manufacturing, prices are confirmed and locked in.


Flexible designs, precision manufactured

Nexii panels are manufactured in a controlled and extremely efficient environment. We control every aspect of our supply chain under our Quality Policy — from the development of Nexiite to the assembly.


Smaller construction teams with faster build times

We know that speed to market drives your capital, so our building assembly process requires significantly less on-site labor.


Assemble in most weather conditions

Don’t let the weather hold you hostage - our panels can be rapidly assembled in almost any weather.


High-quality, disaster resilient buildings

Made from highly durable materials, our buildings are extremely resilient in the events of natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and floods.


Safe and healthier

Uses non-toxic materials that naturally repel moisture and inhibit the growth of molds and the accumulation of allergens.


Energy efficiency and future cost savings

Nexii panels form a highly energy-efficient thermal envelope with no thermal bridging. meaning savings on energy utility bills and operating costs.

Before Nexii

Typical construction sites produce massive amounts of garbage, traffic, and noise pollution.

After Nexii

Nexii construction sites are near zero waste and provide less disruption overall to the community.

Faster construction times improve speed to market

Turnkey solutions are possible by using precision manufacturing to deliver pre-finished panels so your building is up faster. An on-site assembly accelerates build times and can enable the rapid development of sustainable and cost-efficient buildings.

Revolutionizing sustainable construction

Our buildings are incredibly durable, adaptable to virtually any design and cost-efficient. They require a fraction of the materials and significantly less build time when compared to current construction methods.
Nexii’s low-carbon approach to construction establishes a new, more rigorous standard for sustainable buildings, setting the stage for a brighter future.

Sustainable designs and finishes

We believe that good design is both timeless and sustainable. With a wide variety of finish options that are 99% free of ILFI Red List materials, we know that there’s a better way to design with the environment in mind.

Our low carbon processes are thought-out from the selection of materials used to product manufacturing to assembly; we make conscious actions that minimize our impact on the environment.

Our projects

We’ve come a long way and have worked on a diverse set of projects including high-performance envelopes, ornamental facades, and whole building solutions. These Nexii buildings were precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, producing near zero construction waste.