Nexii’s breakthrough building system proves that planet-friendly solutions aren’t a sacrifice — they’re an improvement in every way over the status quo.


Nexiite—a breakthrough lower-carbon alternative to wood, concrete and steel


Panels manufactured to design specs at our facilities


Flat packed and shipped to the build site


Building assembled in days with near zero waste

Buildings and construction are the #1 cause of the climate crisis 1,2

To solve the climate crisis, we need to solve the challenge of emissions from buildings and construction. These emissions come not just from heating and cooling, but also from the carbon cost of materials used in construction.

Group 81 Buildings and c onstruction
Construction Waste And Growth
Group 258

The volume of buildings on earth will double by 2060, adding more than 230 billion m2 to the planet in new buildings construction.3

Group 151

The construction industry generates twice as much waste debris as municipal solid waste annually, with nearly a quarter of this waste filling up our landfills.4

Near Zero Waste On Nexii Construction Sites

Tackling one of the largest sustainability issues facing a growing construction industry, Nexii is able to eliminate almost all on-site waste with our off-site panel manufacturing process.

Why are we alive if not to reach our potential?

Bring your genius, your values and your authentic self to the work you do. We exist to fulfill the dreams of our team members, just as much as we’re here to help the planet. We seek entrepreneurial, determined changemakers who want to maximize their potential and make a real difference in the world.

Nexii Nvision

We know work is only part of life. Nexii Nvision starts on day one, and is designed to help you fulfill your goals and reach your potential—wherever life leads you.


The Genius Program

We have a drive to wake up every single day and think, “How can I improve?” Through organizational learning and the Genius Residency, we challenge and assist our people to continually learn, grow and bring our genius to work.



We never stop learning—and our online Learning Hub and Events calendar give team members an online place to connect, train and expand our skillsets.

Why Do We Innovate If Not To Build Smarter?

Build times measured in days, not months. A simplified process for achieving project goals. Cleaner and safer job sites. High-quality, disaster-resilient, cost-efficient buildings and retrofits. Experience a quantum leap in building technology.


Accelerates build times


Lower Operating Cost


Highly resistant to water, mold & mildew


Fire and disaster resilient buildings

Trash bag to show small waste from Nexii build
Total trash generated by a Nexii build

(and we're working on getting to zero)

Why do we invest if not to leave a legacy?

The demand has never been greater for sustainable, efficient building solutions. We’re positioning ourselves for long-term growth to build a better world.


Annual market for new construction

There’s an opportunity to make an impact in the new construction market.

Nexii constructs sustainably built stores

Why Do We Live Here if not to create Community?

Everywhere we operate, we aim to improve communities. The Nexii solution enables safer, healthier and more resilient buildings, while dramatically reducing build time so communities aren’t disrupted for months. New Nexii plants bring local jobs, and we’re partnering with community organizations to fight homelessness and other initiatives.


Less noise and neighborhood disruption


Cleaner construction sites


Fire, water, and mold resistant buildings


Healthier indoor spaces


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