The Nexii Story

From the beginning of their careers in  Saskatchewan’s building industry of the 1970s, brother inventors Michael and Ben Dombowsky were aware of the waste and inefficiencies inherent in contemporary methods of construction.

The energy crisis of that period forced them to face these difficulties and to look for more efficient and sustainable methods of building. Not being able to find what he needed, Michael began designing solutions. Today, with rapid advancements in materials science, increasing environmental and climate regulations, and a surge in consumer and market demand for sustainable building products and methods,  Michael’s innovations have moved beyond ideas into timely building solutions.

Inventing a new way to build

Michael and Ben invested years of research and development into the creation of the Nexii System. Ben’s invention of Nexiite, a high-performance material that enables Nexii Panels to be strong, lightweight, low-carbon, and fire and water resistant, was a key innovation in bringing the system to life.

With a durable building material and an ultra-efficient process — blending precision manufacturing and on-site rapid assembly — a renaissance in the way we build began.

Armed with this new technology, the Dombowsky brothers were focused on getting this system out to the world. Enter, serial entrepreneur, Stephen Sidwell. Introduced by a mutual friend, Stephen partnered with Michael and Ben to create Nexii.

Our Vision

Be a global leader in sustainable living.

Our Mission

Build a vibrant future for people and the planet.

Roadmap to sustainable buildings

We are rooted in bold action — with global ambitions, transformative building technologies, and the will to revolutionize the construction industry.


An integrated system

We control every aspect of our supply chain — from the development of Nexiite to the assembly of our panels. Our Quality Policy and our unique and patented whole building solution delivers sustainable, durable, and disaster resilient buildings faster than conventional methods.


To the final detail

We’re perfectionists and we don’t deny it. By combining advanced technology, process efficiency, and a highly-skilled workforce, we have established a streamlined process with high attention to detail.


Rapid on-site assembly

Faster than your average build. Our panels can be rapidly assembled in any weather. Say goodbye to significant delays and hello to a grand opening, faster.


A better tomorrow

Nexii’s low-carbon zero-waste approach to construction establishes a new, more rigorous standard for sustainable buildings, setting the stage for a brighter future.

What drives us

Other organizations call it Operating Principles, Values, or their North Star, but to us, it’s our Constitution. Twenty-four elements define and communicate the basic principles of how we choose to show up. It’s more than just words — it’s our commitment.