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39% of global emissions come from buildings and construction. We design and manufacture high-performance buildings and retrofit products that are non-toxic, use less energy, and are resilient in the face of climate change.

Nexii is an opportunity to reinvent how the world builds and to use the latest in green construction technology to take climate action. Our products are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, reducing embodied carbon, build times and construction costs.

Take action and build green

We use a franchise-like economic model – a business approach that has never before been applied to the construction industry. Providing independent, local manufacturing businesses with access to our operating systems and protocols allows our partners to produce Nexii building products in their regions. This model enables the rapid roll-out of the Nexii System to meet the global demand for green construction solutions.

By the numbers

We’re committed to tackling the global environmental crisis by accelerating the supply of more sustainable and durable buildings. Our strategy is to bring manufacturing plants closer to the projects. This strategy reduces emissions related to transportation while supporting communities with job creation.


Nexii team members



Green jobs generated at the Hazleton plant



Potential green job opportunities created at each new plant

Nexii Certified Manufacturers (NCMs)

Nexii’s high-performance building products are manufactured by both Nexii-owned production facilities and through Nexii Certified Manufacturers (NCMs).

Nexii uses a certified local manufacturing partner model to enable the rapid regional production of Nexii’s breakthrough building products made from Nexii’s proprietary material Nexiite.

Matching partners for NCMs

We’re here to make a difference on the planet and we want to collaborate with people who share our vision of building a vibrant future for people and the planet. An amazing entrepreneurial opportunity, we’re looking for the right partners to share our mission with. The ideal licensee would have experience in manufacturing, real estate, entrepreneurial ventures, and access to capital. We offer a partnered approach to support licensees through development so guidance will be provided along the way.

In Process

We can't wait to share the great news - more NCMs to come.

Vancouver Island Manufacturing Plant

The plant will be developed on the southern end of Vancouver Island. The plant – which represents an investment of approximately $50 million – will create more than 200 local, green jobs in the area, and will accelerate Vancouver Island’s transition towards a cleaner economy.

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The new Vancouver Island facility – known as Alexzi Building Solutions Inc. – will be developed under Nexii’s Certified Manufacturing program.


Texas Manufacturing Plant

The plant will be operated by John Wolfington, Dan Metzler, and the NEXUS-1 team, creating 100s of green jobs and supporting sustainable buildings and retrofit projects in and around the State of Texas.


Pittsburgh Manufacturing Plant

Actor and Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton, will have an ownership stake and play an active role in Nexii’s upcoming Pittsburgh manufacturing plant. The new plant is to be developed by Trinity Sustainable Solutions, a new entity composed of Keaton, Nexii, and Craig Rippole of Trinity Commercial Development.

Nexii Production Plants

A local approach to a global movement. Our production plants bring us closer to our mission of building a vibrant future for people and the planet. By building local manufacturing plants, we can reduce transportation and support surrounding communities. These production plants are equipped and ready to reinvent how the world builds.

Nexii manufacturing
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA

Hazleton Manufacturing Plant – Visit Site

John Wolfington and Dan Metzler bring their deep ties to Pennsylvania and experience in real estate development to the facility. With an investment of more than $20 million, NEXUS-1 has rapidly built a team of 100 strong, with many more new, skilled green manufacturing jobs anticipated for the city of Hazleton.

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Nexii name on building
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Squamish Manufacturing Plant

With a robust domestic and international supply chain, we offer a wide range of building solutions for all of North America with our full-scale commercial production plant in Squamish, British Columbia.

nexii plant team
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Moose Jaw Manufacturing Plant

Nexii Panels are manufactured in state-of-the-art indoor facilities under Nexii’s strict ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) requirements. Our QMS is copyright protected and covers the manufacture of all of our innovative products.

Become a NCM

Have what it takes to become a Nexii Certified Manufacturer (NCM)? We’re looking for entrepreneurial minds with real estate and manufacturing experience to join our journey to a greener future.