10 Service Plazas – Commercial Buildings

What if sustainability could be achieved conveniently?

Project at a glance

A series of 10 environmentally-friendly buildings along the New York State Thruway


Energy efficient

Nexii buildings use on average 1/3 less energy overall and 1/2 the heating energy than standard builds


Quality build

High-performance, airtight building envelope​


Pre-finished off-site

Base-supported cladding panels manufactured off-site at Nexii's Hazleton, PA manufacturing facilities.


Durable and safe

Fully finished, non-toxic and high efficiency panels formulated for high strength, thin profile, low shrinkage, and superior flexibility

Building quickly and sustainably 

Nexii is supporting the transformation of service areas along the New York State Thruway. Nexii manufactured 10 low-carbon, commercial buildings ranging in size between 6,400 and 14,800 square feet. The buildings will be operated by a global chain retailer along with other commercial and restaurant tenants. These 10 public structures are part of an ongoing project that will introduce 23 new service plazas along the New York State Thruway by 2024.

Nexii designed and manufactured high-performance building envelopes as efficient, sustainable alternatives to traditional commercial retail at rest stops. These projects were manufactured in Hazleton, PA, and then rapidly assembled onsite, reducing build times and construction costs. Nexii panels are non-toxic and comprised of Nexiite, a breakthrough concrete alternative. Nexii’s building solution requires fewer resources, produces near-zero onsite construction waste, and significantly reduces end-to-end emissions.

The service areas were built in the 1950s and last upgraded in the 1990s. This project will help modernize the transportation service areas and offer motorists unique food and retail options, restroom facilities, and fueling for passenger and commercial vehicles.