Commercial Unit

Commercial Buildings for Service Areas

What if sustainability could be achieved conveniently?

Project at a glance

A multinational store retailer looking to open environmentally-friendly new locations along the New York State Highway turned to Nexii for a solution.​


Energy efficient

Nexii buildings use on average 1/3 less energy overall and 1/2 the heating energy than standard builds


Quality build

High-performance, airtight building envelope​


Pre-finished off-site

Base-supported cladding panels manufactured off-site at Nexii's Hazleton, PA manufacturing facilities.


Durable and safe

Fully finished, non-toxic and high efficiency panels formulated for high strength, thin profile, low shrinkage, and superior flexibility

Building quickly and sustainably 

Nexii is working with a global chain retailer to develop a series of 13 commercial buildings to improve service areas along the New York State Highway. These sustainably made and operated convenience stores each contain 6,400 sq. ft. of Nexii panels for a total of 83,200 sq.ft. of panels manufactured to date.

Currently, 7 of the 13 buildings are completed and are among the first projects manufactured at our Hazleton, Pennsylvania, plant.

The service areas are being redeveloped as they were initially built in the 1950s, with the last upgrades being made in the 1990s. The service areas offer motorists unique food and retail options, restroom facilities and fueling for passenger and commercial vehicles.

This project is a portion of a $450 Million Public-Private Redevelopment Project and will help modernize the transportation service areas and provide sustainable buildings for commercial clients to operate.