Commercial Unit

Retail Bank

What if your business could start helping your customers faster?

Project at a Glance

By combining clean manufacturing, flat-pack transportation, and on-site assembly, Nexii’s construction waste is near zero.


Speed to market

Reduction in build time by approximately six weeks​.


Quick assembly

13% faster completion than a typical store​.


Energy efficient

Increased energy efficiency with the potential to reduce heating and cooling loads by 60% over current building codes.​


Cost savings

11% net savings on construction materials for a more sustainable build​.

Getting to the finish line faster than traditional methods

This retail bank will be using Nexii’s panelized assembly process to achieve an estimated reduction in build time of six weeks.​ The build will require only a fraction of the materials and significantly less build time when compared to current construction methods.

This commercial unit benefits from a Nexii whole building solution featuring a high-performance building envelope comprised of our non-toxic Nexii panels. Nexii creates healthy buildings, with no VOCs or off-gassing and improved indoor air quality due to our airtight building system.

Nexii panels are custom designed and manufactured off-site with fully integrated services and finishes and will then be assembled on site. This sustainable retail bank will be located in Abbottsford, BC.