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Project at a Glance

By combining clean manufacturing, flat-pack transportation, and on-site assembly, Nexii’s construction waste is near zero.


Speed to market

Reduction in build time by approximately six weeks​


Quick assembly

Nexii panels precision manufactured to building design specifications then shipped to site

Carbon footprint

~50% decrease in building's carbon emissions (1)


Energy efficient

32% reduction in energy usage (2)

Getting to the finish line faster than traditional methods

This 3,800 sq. ft. retail bank was constructed using Nexii’s panelized assembly process.​ The building required only a fraction of the materials and significantly less construction time when compared to traditional construction methods. The Scotiabank building contains 9,750 sq. ft. of structural wall and roof panels by Nexii.

This commercial unit benefits from a high-performance building envelope comprised of our non-toxic materials that create healthy buildings, with no VOCs or off-gassing and improved indoor air quality.

Nexii panels are custom designed and manufactured offsite with fully integrated service openings and finishes and then assembled onsite. This building was completed in September 2021 and is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


¹,² Operational energy and carbon savings compare Nexii design to an equivalent standard build meeting energy code compliant requirements. Projected savings vary depending on building typology, panel design, process energy loads and location.