Bank and Financial Services Building

Sustainable retail bank branch built by Nexii.

Project at a Glance

This building was precision manufactured off-site and quickly assembled on-site.

Energy efficient

Nexii buildings use on average 1/3 less energy overall and 1/2 the heating energy than standard builds


Quality build

High-performance, airtight building envelope


Non-toxic materials

Constructed using building materials and technologies that are significantly more sustainable than those used in traditional construction


Near zero waste

Panels manufactured offsite and assembled onsite, reducing onsite waste for Nexii's scope of work to near zero

Over 6,000 sq.ft of Nexii panels were manufactured to build this 3,350 sq.ft. national retail bank building. Nexii’s breakthrough building system and material Nexiite, a sustainable alternative to conventional concrete, significantly lowers both the embodied and operational carbon of buildings. Nexii anticipates that its building system and sustainable materials will reduce the building’s energy usage by up to 32% and decrease the building’s carbon emissions by 50%¹ .

¹ Operational energy and carbon savings compare Nexii design to an equivalent standard build meeting energy code compliant requirements. Projected savings vary depending on building typology, panel design, process energy loads and location.