Architectural Facades

University District Façade Elements

Build beautifully

Project at a glance

 Light-weight decorative finishes were installed on both high rise buildings.​



Light weight

Nexii panels are lighter than comparable concrete panels, reducing the load on the tower structure.


Near Zero On Site Waste

Nexii panels are manufactured and finished offsite and assembled on site, enabling Nexii to eliminate near all waste from the build


Pre-finished off-site

Manufactured off-site at Nexii's Squamish, BC facilities


Durable and safe

Fully finished, non-toxic and high efficiency panels formulated for high strength, thin profile, low shrinkage, and superior flexibility

Build beautifully

Our client wanted to add style to their buildings located in the vibrant Central Surrey area. Nexii responded by producing 800 architectural façade elements for the two highrise buildings – 30 stories, and 40 stories high – adding pattern and dimension to the project. The 10,900 sq. ft. of Nexii panels required for this project were manufactured at Nexii’s Squamish facility and delivered to the site to adorn the two towers.