Pizza Hut Restaurant

What if a pizza company could deliver on sustainability?

Project at a Glance

Pizza Hut offers fresh food in a sustainable building at their latest restaurant featuring a high-performance building envelope by Nexii.


Quick assembly

Constructed onsite in just six days. This accelerated standard build times up to 75% (1)


Non-toxic materials

Constructed using building materials and technologies that are significantly more sustainable than those used in traditional construction

Energy efficient

15% decrease in building’s carbon emissions, and 38% reduction in energy use (2)


Near Zero On Site Waste

Nexii products are manufactured offsite and assembled on site, enabling Nexii to eliminate near all waste from the build

Nexii delivers sustainable new restaurant 

As part of its continued growth, Esposito Group partnered with Nexii to construct a new restaurant in Abbotsford, British Columbia. This is the fourth Nexii project constructed by the Esposito Group. Pizza Hut Canada is one of Canada’s largest pizza restaurant chains with over 500 locations, and this restaurant location used building materials and technologies that are significantly more sustainable than those used in traditional construction.

This unique 2,800 sq. ft. commercial retail unit resides in the same complex as the Starbucks, Popeyes and Scotiabank buildings and contains approximately 7,000 sq. ft. of Nexii structural wall and roof panels.

Nexii’s high-performance green building products are precision manufactured in-plant to project specifications using 3D software. This process means that our panels are able to fit together like jigsaw pieces onsite, accelerating standard build times up to 75% over standard construction times[1]. This process – where Nexii panels are manufactured offsite and assembled onsite – enables us to eliminate almost all onsite construction waste.

Nexii’s technology results in a 15% decrease in the building’s carbon emissions, and a 38% reduction in energy use[2]. Our proprietary material Nexiite, used within Nexii panels, has up to 36% lower carbon emissions during production than Portland cement concrete[3]. When assembled, our panels create an airtight building envelope, markedly improving energy efficiency and, in turn, significantly lowering greenhouse gas emissions from ongoing building operations.

¹ Compared to the historical time required to build a stand-alone restaurant of similar size in Canada.

² Carbon savings averaged between operational and embodied; energy savings include process loads.

3 Based on third-party LCA research, preliminary results (cradle-to-gate) show Nexiite ST has a possible range of 20-36% lower GWP than equivalent strength Canadian industry average Portland cement-based concrete. To be validated by independent critical review during our EPD process currently underway, as required by ISO standards.