This post is the third in our series on the Nexii Certified Manufacturing (NCM) program. We highlight the city of Pittsburgh and its spirit of innovation, grit, and cooperation – and what makes it the perfect fit for Nexii.

Pittsburgh has a long history of innovation. Originally known as “the Steel City” for its steel-making heritage, Pittsburgh has transitioned from steel and reinvented itself as a leader in education, healthcare, robotics and high-tech industries. It did this by honouring its industrial heritage and leveraging leaders from the many higher educational institutes in the city.

Pittsburgh’s world-renown universities and foundations dedicate themselves to helping innovative sustainable companies such as Nexii succeed. A good example is Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Mill 19 building. Located at Hazelwood Green, a site once owned by J & L Steel Hazelwood Works and LTV Steel, Mill 19 embodies the spirit of Pittsburgh. The original building was abandoned when the steel industry declined. It has been revived and now houses corporate tech companies and Carnegie Mellon University’s Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM) and their Manufacturing Futures Initiative (MFI). At Nexii, we foresee a future where we build our Nexii manufacturing plant next to the CMU campus and Mill 19 so that together we can advance our manufacturing techniques and create the Nexii Carnegie Mellon centre for advanced manufacturing for sustainable buildings.

This spirit of innovation and forward-thinking makes Pittsburgh an ideal location for the Nexii Certified Manufacturing Program. A group of participants eager to see Pittsburgh returned to its place of glory are developing the new NCM slated for Pittsburgh. Actor and Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton will have an ownership stake and play an active role in the plant. A new entity, Trinity Sustainable Solutions, composed of Keaton, Nexii, and Craig Rippole of Trinity Commercial Development, will develop the plant.

Watch Craig Rippole, Steven Sidwell of Nexii, and actor Michael Keaton talk about the importance of Pittsburgh as an innovation centre and how together they will address climate change caused by building and construction in the very city that is reinventing itself for the future.

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