Norm Streu is Nexii’s Executive Vice President of NCM Development. He is an established leader in the construction industry, having provided leadership to 1,200 employees and up to 400 active construction sites in Canada and the U.S. Norm Streuas former President, COO, and co-Principal of one of Western Canada’s largest construction companies.

Norm’s industry-related experience also includes heading up a Construction & Engineering Law practice as a partner in a major Canadian law firm, chairing the Vancouver Regional Construction Association board, and acting as director of the B.C. Construction Association. Norm brings his unique insight into the needs and requirements of Nexii’s Certified Manufacturers (NCMs), as Nexii continues to expand its vision of sustainable buildings across North America and the world.


Welcome to our series on the Nexii Certified Manufacturing (NCM) program! This post introduces NCMs, discusses how the program allows us to rapidly roll out the Nexii system to meet the demand for green construction solutions, and how manufacturers can participate. In coming blogs, we’ll discuss why the NCM model is vital for our climate, your independent business, and the local community and profile successful Nexii certified manufacturers.

By: Norm Streu

What if you could make a difference to the climate and your community while owning a business that’s in high demand? That is the purpose of the Nexii Certified Manufacturing (NCM) program. There is an urgent demand for sustainable building solutions across North America. Nexii is the solution, and through our NCM program, you can bring the production of Nexii high-performance sustainable building products, along with hundreds of new green jobs, straight to your local community. The result is everyone benefits: you as owner/manufacturer, the people in your community and the global climate.

What is the Nexii Certified Manufacturing Program?

The Nexii Certified Manufacturing program works with independent businesses to provide direct access to our proprietary breakthrough material Nexiite, and to all the systems, protocols, and processes needed to produce our high-performance green building products. The NCM program is similar to a franchise model, certifying and supporting independent businesses so they can market, sell and produce Nexii sustainable building products across their region. We take a partnered approach to support NCMs, guiding all stages of the business relationship.

How the NCM program works:

  1. Certifies quality local manufacturing partners who have expertise in their markets.
  2. Provides plant designs, training, sales, marketing, and engineering support to NCMs.
  3. Produces and supplies Nexiite to NCMs. Nexiite is our proprietary blend of materials used to manufacture the interior and exterior walls of the Nexii panel.
NCMNexii Certified Manufacturer:
  1. Owns the manufacturing plant
  2. Responsible for the ongoing operation of the plant
  3. Responsible for production and distribution of Nexii panels
Shared responsibilities:
  1. Sales and marketing
  2. Engineering design
  3. Production planning

What we are looking for in a Nexii Certified Manufacturing Partner

First and foremost, we want to collaborate with people who share our vision of building a vibrant future for people and the planet. Ideal NCM partners have experience as an owner/operator in construction or manufacturing. Alignment with Nexii environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and an entrepreneurial spirit is necessary. Partners should have a solid reputation within real estate, manufacturing or the local municipality and access to capital.

Current Nexii Manufacturing Partners

We have several confirmed NCMs throughout North America including:

Hazelton Manufacturing Plant in Hazelton, Pennsylvania

John Wolfington and Dan Metzler bring their deep ties to Pennsylvania and experience in real estate development to the facility. With an investment of more than $25 million, NEXUS-1 will create more than 180 new, skilled green manufacturing jobs to the city of Hazleton.

Texas Manufacturing Plant in Commerce, Texas

The plant will be operated by John Wolfington, Dan Metzler, and the NEXUS-1 team, creating 100s of green jobs and supporting sustainable buildings and retrofit projects in and around the State of Texas.

Pittsburgh Manufacturing Plant in Pittsburgh, PA

Actor and Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton, will have an ownership stake and play an active role in Nexii’s upcoming Pittsburgh manufacturing plant. The new plant is to be developed by Trinity Sustainable Solutions, a new entity composed of Keaton and Craig Rippole of Trinity Commercial Development.

Vancouver Island Manufacturing Plant

The plant will be developed on the southern end of Vancouver Island. The plant – which represents an investment of approximately $25 million – will create more than 200 local, green jobs in the area, and will accelerate Vancouver Island’s transition towards a cleaner economy.

Louisville, KY Manufacturing Plant

Nexii and Buffalo Construction, Inc. have teamed up to bring a green manufacturing plant to the Louisville area. The plant will create hundreds of new green jobs locally and will produce sustainable building and retrofit products for projects across the southern and eastern United States.

NCMs coming to Toronto, Calgary and Atlanta and other locations soon.

In my next blog, I’ll cover why the new NCM business is vital for all stakeholders: the local manufacturer, the community and the world’s climate.

We are always looking for the right partner to share our mission and regularly add Nexii Certified Manufacturing partners to our team. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the Nexii NCM program.

Craig Rippole of Trinity Commercial Development talks about how his NCM helps support the growth of Pittsburgh.