In our previous blog, we described the Nexii Certified Manufacturing program and how it allows us to rapidly roll out the Nexii system to meet the demand for green construction solutions. This blog will cover why this new business model to manufacture and distribute green building products is vital for all stakeholders: the local manufacturer, the community and the world’s climate.

A new Business Model for Building and Construction

The recent United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report has made it clear that climate change is accelerating, and human actions are primarily the cause. And according to the report, it’s too late to avoid many of the devastating effects of climate change. But we can keep the devastation from worsening by taking bold and decisive action. Given that the building and construction industry contributes a whopping 39% of global CO2 emissions and the projection is the volume of buildings on earth will double by 2060, there’s no time to waste. What we do now to decarbonize the building industry will affect the future climate.

To drive significant reduction of Greenhouse Gases, the building industry must consider decarbonization at every stage of the value chain. That’s where the new NCM business model comes in – it supports decarbonization at many stages of the building process:

  • By using low carbon products – Nexii walls have 20-33% less embodied carbon than conventional construction.
  • Reducing transportation – building products will be manufactured at your facilities, bringing manufacturing plants closer to the projects. This strategy significantly reduces travel requirements and associated carbon-emission impacts.
  • NCMReduced construction waste – Nexii products produce near-zero on site construction waste, saving up to 13,500 pounds from the landfill per commercial retail unit.
  • Construction efficiency – Nexii buildings are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site requiring a fraction of the materials and up to 75% faster build time when compared to conventional construction methods.
  • Use of new and innovative carbon smart materials – Nexii products use non-toxic materials, including no adhesives or Portland cement and are 99% free of ILFI Red list materials.

Make a difference in your Local Community

The beauty of manufacturing in your region is that you can support your local economy by creating jobs and a vibrant presence in your community. The estimated number of green job opportunities created at each NCM plant is in the hundreds. At recently announced facilities in Pennsylvania, the local NCM – NEXUS-1 forecast it will bring 180 new skilled green manufacturing jobs to the city of Hazelton. Job development is the very reason Superbowl MVP Quarterback Joe Flacco partnered with Nexii in June 2021 to open the manufacturing plant in Hazleton, PA. Flacco grew up close to Philadelphia in Audubon, NJ and played football for both the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Delaware. His affection for the area, the opportunity for job growth and hopes for a “greener” future attracted him to be a part of this venture.

And in Pittsburgh, another Nexii Ambassador actor and Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton partnered with Nexii Building Solutions in April 2021 to play an active role in Nexii’s upcoming second green manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. Keaton also finds the opportunity to develop his local community by marrying job creation with an environmentally sustainable business incredibly exciting.

A Local Approach to a Global Green Movement

The NCM model support’s Nexii’s strategy to build a vibrant future for people and the planet. We would love to work with additional manufacturers and business owners committed to the same vision. If you have real estate and manufacturing experience, want to being part of the sustainability movement to meet global demand for green construction solutions and make a difference in your community, please contact us.

Hear what excites Craig Rippole of Trinity Commercial Development about our program.