Building a vibrant future for people and the planet.

From the beginning of their careers in Saskatchewan’s building industry in the 1970s, inventors and brothers Michael and Ben Dombowsky were acutely aware of the waste and inefficiencies inherent in the methods of wood, steel, and concrete construction. Michael, being interested in and concerned about these problems, began developing solutions to address them.

With today’s rapid advancements in materials science, demands for environmental stewardship and market demand for sustainable building products and methods, Michael’s ideas have quickly moved forward. Michael and Ben have years of sustained development experience, which they have invested in creating a whole building system fit to address the challenges of the industry. This system is made possible by Ben’s invention of a proprietary blend of non-volatile, readily available ingredients, which we now call Nexiite.

Nexii was founded when Steve Sidwell, a serial entrepreneur, was introduced to the building system through a mutual friend. Steve brought together leaders in design, engineering, and business to create Nexii. Together, Nexii’s goal is to change the construction industry’s blueprint.

Environmental. Social. Governance.

Our corporate constitution is our north star, guiding us to achieve our mission of building a vibrant future for people and the planet. We invest in our people and provide opportunities for them to develop and integrate a vision for their life through our Dreamers Program, leadership development, and technical training programs. At the same time, we challenge the status quo by reducing the carbon footprint, energy consumption, waste, and toxic substances in a Nexii built building the built environment, and eliminating all Red List materials in our Nexiite.

Our Work


What if your business could start helping your customers faster?

Our Work


What if Quick-Serve didn't just apply to fast-food orders?

Our Work

Office Reconstruction

From showroom to office in FOUR days including disassembly and reconstruction

Our Work

SARIT Showroom

A low-carbon building to showcase a micro-mobility solution.

Our Work

Restaurant for global food brand

Located in Abbotsford, this CRU restaurant will be assembled via a panel system instead of conventional building methods.

Our Work

Big Box Retailer

ESG goals are easy to meet when you build with Nexii.