Smart Home

What if your new home could go from foundation to family-ready in just two weeks?

Project at a Glance

Traditional home construction can be messy, loud, slow, and definitely not eco-friendly. Nexii is proud to have collaborated with technological partners to innovate a better way to build.​


Quality controlled

Precision manufactured off-site for quality control and efficiency.


Quick assembly

Two weeks assembly time once foundation in place.


Energy efficient

Net positive home with high-efficiency envelope and solar PV.

Creating smarter and greener homes

This single-family residence will be completely constructed off-site while the concrete foundations are being cast. Using a Nexii whole building solution, the non-toxic and high-efficiency panels forming its roof and walls will come complete with mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, and can be fully pre-finished. The bathroom and mechanical rooms are manufactured as pods, and the complete interior package is flat packed for delivery to the site. Nexii panels are assembled with near-zero waste and produce no off-gassing.​

Taking durability to the next level with fire resistance

A rooftop solar photovoltaic installation enhances the sustainability of this fire-resistant, net positive new build residence which is expected to take just two weeks to assemble once the foundations are complete.​

Nexii is building a better life for people and the planet with groundbreaking innovation in sustainable (home) construction technology.