We want to address a recent article that contains misleading information about our company, our products and current litigation. The claims made in the article are unfounded and fail to accurately represent the reality of our operations and the quality of our offerings.

Earlier this week, a story related to Nexii’s current litigation was released. The article does not include critical elements of our statement (below) and fails to mention several recent court decisions in Nexii’s favour.

We take this matter very seriously as our legal team is making substantial progress challenging these allegations in the courts. We are confident in a just resolution and will not tolerate false allegations going unaddressed.

First and foremost, the claims made about our products are false. We have produced over thirty buildings and our building panels have been thoroughly evaluated and tested by the most reputable third-party organizations. Secondly, our manufacturing processes are rigorously reviewed and certified by industry leading organizations.

Nexiite and our envelope system also undergo extensive testing for structural performance, durability, and fire through third parties including RDH, Entuitive, QAI, and Intertek. Our cladding panels are certified with ICC-ES which is the United States’ leading evaluation service for innovative building materials, components and systems.

We operate under a strict ISO9001 Quality Management System and Quality Policy, to ensure every unit is precisely dimensioned and of consistently high quality. Nexii’s Squamish Plant is also TRUE Gold Certified for Zero Waste.

The certifications and rigorous testing standards by the most trusted independent organizations are testament to the strength and integrity of our team, made up of the best engineers, builders, and leaders in the business.

It is disappointing that certain media outlets have chosen to disregard key facts in their reporting, leaving out substantial portions of our statement and important context in favor of amplifying unproven allegations – in addition to not conducting due diligence on the sources of those allegations.

On the topic of current litigation, here is our statement:

It is unfortunate that Symphony Advanced Building Technologies (SABT) and NexUS1 pursued litigation. However, Nexii believes their claims have no merit and continues to be confident in a just resolution. Nexii categorically rejects all of the allegations and will vigorously defend its case. Recent developments from these lawsuits include:

On February 28, 2023, the Court ordered that significant portions of SABT’s allegations be struck from their Claim on the basis they were radically defective and disclosed no viable cause of action. This significantly reduced the scale of their Claim.

On March 15, 2023, Nexii advised SABT that it will be applying for further particulars of the Claim, the details of which continue to be lacking.

The Court required SABT to post cash security in the form of tens of thousands of dollars to partially indemnify Nexii for its litigation costs, after conducting a preliminary assessment of the merits of SABT’s case and noting it has no assets in this province. Nexii continues to emphatically deny all accusations and tenaciously defend its position.  

All the cases between Nexii and NexUS1 have been stayed and are in settlement discussions, which means all court proceedings are frozen while the parties continue to resolve matters.

Should these discussions prove to be unproductive over the next few months, Nexii will proceed to dismiss all matters commenced by the unauthorized agents of NexUS1, John Wolfington and Dan Metzler. These individuals are acting outside their authority and in breach of the NexUS1 corporate charter and operating agreement.

If you have any questions, we are here to address any concerns and provide detailed information about the third-party evaluations and the excellence of our sustainable building products.