Nexii Sustainable Building


With the world in unprecedented turmoil due to a global pandemic and climate emergencies, there has never been a more opportune time for significant changes in how we build. Supply chain issues and labour shortages leading to increased building costs and construction delays demand immediate action.

The building and construction industry can play an essential role in dealing with these concerns by demonstrating leadership. Adopting innovative, building sustainable materials, and addressing construction time frames and labour shortages is one solution.

An example of this approach is the work Nexii is doing to produce cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable building products in the face of climate change. Sustainable building solutions minimize energy use and construction waste while reducing build times and costs compared to conventional construction.

Minimize energy use

Many people don’t realize that buildings and construction account for 39% of global CO2 emissions[1]. These emissions include how we heat and cool our buildings, the materials we select, plus construction-related emissions and waste from demolition. Buildings constructed with reduced carbon materials and that are well-insulated can significantly minimize energy use.

Reduce construction waste

The construction industry generates twice as much waste debris as municipal solid waste annually, with nearly a quarter of this waste filling our landfills. It’s projected that the volume of buildings on earth will grow exponentially over the next 40 years, making waste from construction one of the most significant sustainability issues facing this industry[2].

Shorten build times

While build times vary from project to project, the process of assembling and building on-site adds significant time to most traditional construction projects. Techniques such as precision manufacturing offsite, modular construction, controlling the supply chain, efficient building assembly, and rapid on-site assembly can reduce build times.

Decrease construction costs

Construction costs are affected by many factors, from the wasteful nature of on-site assembly to labour shortages and project delays to rising and volatile material costs. Reduced build times, an optimal number of construction workers and more precise timeframes can help mitigate these costs.

We created Nexii’s innovative building system and our breakthrough material, Nexiite, to offer a new approach to building and construction. One that is cost-competitive, with near-zero waste, lower embodied carbon, reduced energy cost and improved indoor air quality.

The science is clear – we have less than ten years to save our planet from irreparable climate damage. Let’s not wait any longer.

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