Are you a sustainability-minded person interested in working for a company committed to making the world a better place? All while living in arguably one of the world’s most beautiful locations? 

Consider working at Nexii’s manufacturing facility in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia. The Squamish plant manufactures and assembles Nexii panels used to create low-carbon buildings and products. The demand for green construction and sustainable building products is growing, and we would love to add new members to our manufacturing team in Squamish to support this need!

To help you learn more about the opportunity, here are the top 5 reasons to work for Nexii in Squamish! 

1. Work for a company dedicated to building a better future for all 

At Nexii, we are committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. Our vision is to be a global leader in sustainable living to support our bold mission to build a vibrant future for people and the planet.

Nexii creates building solutions that transform living standards for all communities while ensuring the enduring health of our earth. And the Squamish manufacturing plant is key to delivering these building solutions. Responsible for manufacturing Nexii products for sustainable building projects such as Starbucks, Scotiabank, Village of Lytton, and Marriott, you will be directly contributing to the creation of low-carbon buildings. 

The team at the Squamish manufacturing facility is made up of an incredibly talented group of individuals from a diverse array of backgrounds, cultures, and professions, all united in the common goal of being part of the solution to the climate challenge. 

2. Receive a competitive employment package

We offer a better-than-competitive wage rate and an excellent benefits package from day one of employment at Squamish, including:

– three weeks of vacation, moving to four weeks after the first year

– a four-day work schedule (four ten-hour days and a three-day weekend)

In addition, we have an ever-growing collection of discounts and benefits with local Squamish businesses, from fitness centres to yoga to sailing. Our social committee is always hard at work organizing great events for the team and finding balance so everyone can enjoy their life outside of work, which is a key focus for us all.

3. Be a part of an innovative and creative workplace

We promote and encourage innovation and initiative among our employees at Squamish. A great example is the waste diversion program that aims to achieve zero waste by 2023. Although this is a corporate program requiring input and support from several departments at Nexii, it was the resourcefulness of two production team leads working right on the floor at the Squamish plant who took the initiative to create and implement a vital element of the program!

Kyle Nadon and Matt DeGrace brought their vision of a recycling depot to life at the Squamish plant through their simplified co-mingled recycling bin system. They helped create signage to support the recycling program and even presented their ideas at a company-wide Town Hall meeting to share how simple and effective it is to divert waste at the source. You can read more about the program here.

Another innovative and creative idea that came out of Squamish is to use excess Nexiite (our sustainable concrete alternative) to build planters!  Not only do they beautify the outdoor area of the plant, but reusing excess Nexiite keeps waste hauling fees down & reduces transportation emissions!

4. Job variety and career progression are available to all employees

Our Squamish facility is Nexii’s flagship corporate plant, with multiple teams and departments all working towards the same goal of creating a better future for our community and planet. We pride ourselves on providing our team members with professional development opportunities, rotating through various roles to learn and experience different parts of the facility.  On the plant floor, we have team members working in Logistics, Pre-Assembly, Casting, Finishing, Health and Safety, Maintenance and more. There is also an on-site office team providing support services such as People and Culture, Production Planning and Procurement, working to ensure our teams have everything they need to execute with brilliance every day.

5. Squamish….

The draw of Squamish B.C., home to beautiful scenery, mountains, and the ocean, is like no other. Situated an hour north of Vancouver on the picturesque Sea-to-Sky highway, it is renowned for its outdoor adventures, such as rock climbing, hiking, kiteboarding, and mountain biking. But it’s more than just an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts. Squamish is growing, and so are the amenities and services such as restaurants, cafes, and stores. The Squamish Chamber of Commerce describes Squamish as having a small-town feel, with access to big-town services and an excellent community spirit.

Hike the incredible granite cliff of the Stawamus Chief trail, walk, bike, and swim at the nearby Alice Lake, white water raft in the Squamish River, or enjoy visiting a local brewery or cafe. You and your family will find endless ways to enjoy life in this beautiful part of British Columbia! Find out more about Squamish, including some of the best things to do in this article.

Nexii is revolutionizing the building industry. For humanity and our planet. What you do here will matter. Please join us in Squamish and help us build a better future! See open jobs in Squamish here.