Mark Porter is Nexii’s Vice President of Integrated Design. Mark typifies Nexii’s commitment to building a vibrant future for people and the planet. His work around sustainability and climate change is recognized by the award of Fellowship in the Institution of Structural Engineers and Engineers Canada. A champion of sustainability since the early days of his career, he has led and been part of cross-disciplinary structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering teams on award-winning and boundary-breaking projects. Mark was the founding Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Group to Engineers Geoscientists BC, and also serves on Wood First Advisory Committee for the Forestry Innovation Investment Group as well as CSA Code Development Committees.

Mark PorterMark Porter

Recently I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Construction Big Breakfast podcast hosted by Tim Fitch. Created by Invennt, this podcast offers insider tips and business strategies to help listeners thrive in the construction industry. They have interviewed experts across the architecture, engineering, and construction industries and I was honoured to have had the chance to participate. Host Tim Fitch is a fellow engineer and well-respected industry expert in the fields of energy, transportation, and construction.

In the episode, we chat about the need for disruption in the construction and building industry and covered sustainability, low carbon in buildings, and energy efficiencies.

We also discuss market acceptance for new innovative building products and how companies such as Nexii manage the procurement process. I outline some of the approaches I take, including spending time with customers, educating them about the products and walking clients through the certification and testing undertaken by Nexii.

I truly believe the industry needs a disruptive approach towards more efficient and sustainable ways of construction using better building solutions and welcomed the opportunity to have this frank, in-depth discussion with Tim.

Tim was a great host, and I appreciate his British sense of humour. As is the case with all Big Breakfast podcasts, Tim asked me what I had for breakfast the day of the podcast. You’ll have to tune in to find that out….

Listen to the latest episode of the Construction and Big Breakfast podcast or watch it here: