Nomodic Modular Structures Inc. (Nomodic) recently signed a three-year Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Nexii   Building Solutions Inc. (Nexii), making Nomodic a preferred, certified installer of Nexii projects in North America. The collaboration combines Nexii’s innovative, sustainable building construction expertise with Nomodic’s expert construction management and turnkey installation service offering.

Tian Alsgard, VP Construction, Nomodic and Jared Dielwart, VP Corporate Development & Innovation, Nomodic guest blog on what the collaboration means to Nomodic and the opportunities they see for our future together.


“A small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

It is always wonderful to find a kindred spirit in the construction sector. It’s even more special when that Nomodicleads to a strategic partnership with a company that shares so many of your values, goals, and team cultures. This was the case when Nomodic signed a Master Service Agreement with Nexii in October 2021. Both organizations take pride in providing customers with a different, more sustainable way to build, and are not afraid to introduce new approaches to an industry hungry for change. Bringing our entrepreneurial companies together furthers our shared goals of building cost-effective, greener, and more energy-efficient projects. Like Nexii, we want to continue to push the envelope on how building projects are delivered: quicker, more efficiently, and more sustainably. Nomodic is very optimistic about what the future holds, and how the talented Nexii team and its superior product offerings are a natural fit for our company.

Breaking new Ground with a Shared Commitment to Sustainability

The first collaboration between our two companies was a Starbucks drive-thru location in Abbotsford, B.C., completed in 2021. Our shared commitment to sustainability first emerged in the preconstruction phase. We built the project virtually using 3D design software, which allowed us to identify issues and concerns before any physical work began. This front-end collaboration allowed us to bring waste levels to near-zero, translating into significant cost savings for our client and a significantly reduced impact on the environment.

Throughout the process, the Nomodic and Nexii teams worked together seamlessly, even amid the newness of the Nomodicrelationship. The Starbucks location was constructed with easy-to-install, precision-manufactured panels—made from Nexii’s proprietary Nexiite blend of materials—which are more thermally efficient and less carbon-intensive than traditional concrete construction. Not only do clients benefit from a sustainable structure capable of 30% lower emissions, but in the case of the Starbucks project, they also benefited from an accelerated speed-to-revenue: the building was constructed and craned in just six days, with Nomodic providing turnkey installation and onsite construction management services.

There is always a learning curve when working with new products, designs, and teams, and our collective goal was getting this pilot project right. Both Nomodic and Nexii were extremely pleased that the inaugural Starbucks collaboration was a resounding success, and since its completion, we’ve been thrilled to partner with Nexii on additional projects including a Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Nanaimo, B.C.

Smarter, Faster, Better Construction

As the construction sector becomes more product-based (and conversely less service-based), we are confident that Nexii will continue to make a positive impact on the future of prefabrication. We are excited to explore ways to assist with their goals on this front. From our standpoint, one of the strengths of our partnership is how well Nexii fits in with what we term “The Nomodic Advantage”: our business model that ensures a synergy is developed between partners, suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Using Nomodic’s strength as a project integrator, we can apply Nexiite panels and the company’s high-performance building envelope in future prefabricated building designs. Nexiite also has the potential to be a significant addition to the material offering for our clients, who already enjoy a vast selection of superior quality materials to construct their project.

Future Sustainable Builds

NomodicToday’s construction sector faces many challenges. Among them are reduced access to labour, increased material costs, and the crucial need for more green buildings that reduce environmental impact. Projects with a longer, more efficient life cycle are core to Nexii’s mission to build a vibrant future. It conforms with their brand purpose, “Change the blueprint. Change the planet.” Like us, they are committed to making inroads across environmental, social, community, and economic realms. Presenting our clients with innovative and sustainable options, like the solutions offered by Nexii, allows for more creativity and efficiency in their projects.

From Nomodic’s perspective, we feel that our growth and trajectory complement Nexii and its future goals: we are focused on growing and further integrating ourselves with like-minded partners. We anticipate introducing projects, clients, and constructors to Nexii and its innovative construction methods, and are excited to participate in future sustainable builds for clients and communities from coast to coast.

Products like Nexiite are revolutionizing the industry, as witnessed by the recent opening of a new 180,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. The industry has awoken to both the environmental and financial benefits of green buildings that maximize eco-efficiency, and Nexii is one of the companies leading the charge. Like us, they want to leave things better. It’s a partnership that has unlimited potential, and we look forward to the journey ahead.