Commercial Unit

Starbucks Cafe

What if pioneering climate leadership could be good for the planet and your business?

Project at a glance

Starbucks Canada aspired to operate more eco-friendly stores under its global sustainability strategy and turned to Nexii for a solution.​



Pioneering green construction for Starbucks Canada​


Energy efficient

30% reduction in carbon emissions compared to a standard Starbucks store


Quality build

High-performance, airtight building envelope​


Quick assembly

Assembled in six days​


Durable and safe

Fully finished, non-toxic and high efficiency panels formulated for high strength, thin profile, low shrinkage, and superior flexibility

Going green with an internationally known coffee giant

Reducing the environmental impact of buildings – and supporting organizations to meet their corporate sustainability goals –  is exactly what gets our team excited, so we were honored to provide this airtight, high-performance envelope and structural solution for a groundbreaking new Starbucks cafe.

Starbucks Canada aspired to operate more eco-friendly stores under its global sustainability strategy and turned to Nexii to maintain brand standards while achieving revolutionary new standards in sustainable construction and operational performance.​

Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, this first-of-its-kind Starbucks café was built using our revolutionary green construction technology, which is expected to reduce the store’s carbon emissions by approximately 30%.​

Thinking beyond the build with long-term sustainable benefits

Nexii’s high-performance envelope and structural solution minimize the building’s carbon emissions through three key innovations: our choice of building material, our design of high-performance panels, and our assembly process. Nexii’s proprietary material, Nexiite, is more thermally efficient and less carbon-intensive than concrete. Nexii panels provide an airtight building envelope that markedly improves a building’s energy efficiency and, in turn, significantly lowers the greenhouse gas emissions for ongoing building operation.

Nexii panels are precision manufactured in a modern facility under strict ISO 9001 quality controls and leave the fabrication plant fully finished to the architect’s specifications to maintain brand standards and optimize construction duration and efficiency. The pre-finished Nexii panels forming this cafe’s wall and roof were then assembled in just six days.​

Nexii is proud to have worked on this first-of-its-kind sustainably built Starbucks cafe.