Oromocto Cafe

What if a sustainable cafe could be built in any weather condition?

Project at a glance

A multinational chain of coffeehouses looking to open an environmentally-friendly new location in Eastern Canada turned to Nexii for a solution.​


Energy efficient

Nexii buildings use on average 1/3 less energy overall and 1/2 the heating energy than standard builds


Quality build

High-performance, airtight building envelope​


Quick assembly

Assembled in five days​ in winter conditions


Durable and safe

Fully finished, non-toxic and high efficiency panels formulated for high strength, thin profile, low shrinkage, and superior flexibility

Build quickly and sustainably in any condition

This unique 2,100 sq. ft. commercial retail unit resides in Oromocto, NB, and contains approximately 4,592 sq. ft. of structural wall and roof panels. Nexii’s first building in Eastern Canada – built in the middle of winter!

How is a Nexii building assembled?

The foreman of the Oromocto cafe describes the Nexii building and assembly project and how zero waste was left behind with this project!