Why are we here?

As a company, we uphold commitments and promises with each other, Nexii, and the world. We exist to fulfill the dreams of our team members, just as much as we’re here to help the planet. When we have the training, resources, environment, and tools, our potential is limitless.


Performance leads to greater performance

‘Good enough’ is not in our vocabulary — we aim for better than the best. Every action and outcome are rooted in process and perseverance. We provide the environment and tools for our team so they can perform to their best ability.


Genius leads to bringing more genius

This is a learning culture. Curiosity is our starting place — it drives us to ask more questions, to seek and be receptive to feedback, and to understand and to embrace other viewpoints. We share our knowledge with an open mind.


Giving back leads to giving more back

Whether it’s our time, our knowledge, our space or our snacks, we are quick to share. We make every effort to be selfless — we are famously good hosts. The community has supported us throughout this journey and we hope to give back more than we receive.


Setting and achieving goals leads to setting and achieving even wilder goals

We reach out goals by setting them early and creating plans for success. Every so often, we encourage staff to check on their goals and to measure progress. Dreams don’t become reality overnight, and we work hard to achieve our dreams.

What does it take to change the world?

Changing the world will require creativity, an aversion to existing frameworks, and a flexible, egoless approach. No matter which department you fit in, our vision depends on purpose-driven thinkers and doers, ready to come together to build a better future for our planet.

How do we reach our dreams?

We are building a culture of kindness, integrity, and personal responsibility. Our team is made up of determined changemakers who want to maximize their potential to make a real difference in the world. We’re committed to developing our people both professionally and personally, bringing the best out of our team.

What drives us?

We’re a green construction technology company on a mission to build a vibrant future for people and the planet. Our people are at the heart of Nexii and we look for people who inspires us to reach our goals. We’re looking for highly innovative, accountable, and motivated individuals across all work environments from manufacturing and construction to office-based roles. Let’s reinvent how the world builds, together.

Get To Know Us

We fuel our culture with values-aligned top talent. Each of us sets a vision and plan for our lives, and bring our genius everyday. If you want to bring your whole and authentic self to work every day, then we have a job for you.