Nexii’s sustainable building material, Nexiite, was used to create the vertical structure supporting Siemens Sentron™ Busway systems that connect to power the EV chargers. The charging infrastructure is cast directly into Nexiite, reducing the environmental impacts of the unit, while its above ground design also allows for minimal disruption to land and environment.

On-site construction waste, excavation, and groundwork – all with potential ecosystem disturbances – are near-zero with the Siemens-Nexii EV unit. There are also substantial reductions in required labour and significantly minimized potential safety issues with the rapid assembly, modular design. Installation of the prototype was in only three days at Siemens’ Research & Development hub for Electrical Products and eMobility solutions.

After unveiling this innovative new prototype, Siemens and Nexii are working together on plans to take the unit to market later in 2022. If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting new product offering, please contact us at