Sustainable design isn't out of reach

Design an architecturally beautiful building that is both functional and good for the planet. Incorporate design that excels in form and function without harming the environment.

We have a green approach to building that minimizes human environmental impact on the planet. The Nexii System is a sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods. By reducing embodied carbon at each stage of the planning and construction process, our buildings are the eco-friendly choice.

Don't be the exception, be the rule

Our building options don’t limit creativity, but rather provide opportunities to think outside the box. Nexii panels are lightweight, durable, large-scale, and a green alternative to building materials. Using the latest construction technology and a streamlined process, sustainable construction is possible for almost any design.

Nexii buildings are suitable for most building types including commercial, industrial, mixed-use, multi-family residential, single-family homes, and ornamental facades. A step this big has never left a footprint this small.

Eco-friendly finishes

We offer a unique opportunity to deliver pre-finished walls and roofs ready for assembly. Each panel unit leaves the manufacturing plant finished to the architect's specifications on both exterior and interior faces. Custom finishes or standard finishes can be applied to all our panels.

Social benefits of sustainable architecture

The built environment influences both human and environmental health. With buildings and construction accounting for 39% of carbon emissions globally, buildings and the materials used play important roles in community health. Our solution tackles the climate crisis while providing healthier spaces, indoors and out.


Improved living and working conditions

Our buildings use non-toxic materials, creating safer, more comfortable, and healthier spaces to thrive.


Minimize demand on local infrastructure

As green buildings use fewer resources, the impact on local energy, water, and waste consumption is reduced.


Improved air and water quality

Our buildings are highly resistant to water, mold, and mildew creating livable and more comfortable indoor spaces.


Less waste in the community

Sustainable buildings last longer and reduce waste. Our recyclable panels are less harmful to the environment.

Our projects

We’ve come a long way and have worked on a diverse set of projects including high-performance envelopes, ornamental facades, and whole building solutions. These Nexii buildings were precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, producing near zero construction waste.